The Cornwall Food Programme (CFP) was developed to address the food supply needs of the NHS in Cornwall to incorporate local and organic food sourcing initiatives, which in turn is helping to develop a sustainable food market in Cornwall.

The programme was funded by Defra, Organic West (Soil Association), and Objective One.

The project team consisted of Mike Pearson, Project Director, Nathan Harrow, Project Manager, Roy Heath, Sustainable Food Development Manager and Katie Pearson, Project Administrator, with support from Claire Neal, Grants Manager and Lisa Symons, Head of Supplies for Cornwall NHS.

Cornwall Food and Cornwall Food Programme (CFP) are intertwined, the Cornwall Food team fully support the principles of the CFP. Cornwall Food is a centre of excellence founded in the CFP principles.

The operating principles of Cornwall Food are underpinned and go “hand-in-hand” with the aims and objectives of the Cornwall Food Programme;

  • Bringing together sustainability and food procurement to benefit the NHS and the Cornish Community;
  • To achieve improved nutritional standards from greater levels of protein, bigger portion sizes and giving patients the type of food they want to eat;
  • To support the economic development of the local community through inward investment and local procurement;
  • To realise improvement to health, wealth and well-being in the local community through the creation and retention of jobs;
  • To improve the environmental sustainability of NHS Healthcare activities in Cornwall;
  • To realise reductions in food waste and improvements in waste stream management;
  • To contribute to the UK National and NHS Climate Change targets through more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable food production techniques;
  • To support diversification in the local Farming industry in line with the ‘Curry report’;
  • To develop dietary education throughout the community leading to improved dietary and nutritional knowledge and practices;
  • To develop opportunities for social inclusion;
  • To achieve a reduction in food miles.

Cornwall Food achieves these objectives through expertly managed food safety controls and production processes to ensure excellent “value for money” is achieved.