Mike Pearson invited to meet his royal highness

Cornwall Food is now supplying North Devon Acute hospital with cook freeze meals, the patients in Barnstable started to receive the new menus on January 20th and so far results have been very good, working with the caterers and facilities staff has meant that more patients in Devon are enjoying our food. Cornwall Food has provided meals to North Devon community hospitals since 2011 and we have now been able to build upon this success.

Another potential business opportunity Cornwall Food is to take part in the supply of meals to local schools,which is core to the principles of the Cornwall Food Programme, the importance of getting good food to children at a young age is something that is now being recognised nationally and has been referenced by Owen Patterson – the Environment minister- in a key note speech to the Local Governments Association September 4th 2013. Mr Patterson pointed to Cornwall Food which supplies the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust and North Devon community hospitals. “This has boosted the local economy, reduced environmental impacts and improved the quality. These improvements have been made with no additional cost. Imagine the impact if every school, care home and leisure centre were buying from their local area?”

We intend to work with schools to develop a menu that the children will enjoy whilst at the same time assist with education by organising school visits to the unit and involving local suppliers in getting the message across how good local food can be and how tasty as well! Check out some pictures from the recent visit by Trewergie School Redruth when we entertained 90 children for over 4 hours; they had a whale of a time and so did we!