It is our mission to keep food miles to a minimum and since we started this journey it is estimated that we have saved over 650,000 (check) food miles, the unit when it was constructed was built on a patch of waste ground next to Barncoose Hospital, we needed a road to connect us to the main highway and this enabled the opening up of an access road into Wilson Way.

At least 10 new companies have sprung up as a result, kick starting the local economy; sustainable growth of small business happening before your very eyes! This has also benefited the health of the local population, studies have shown that people in employment are less likely to fall ill, the unit can lay claim to having assisted in creating 100’s of local jobs that are and continue to be sustainable.

Our local suppliers stepped up to the plate and have been able to compete with the national companies by providing splendid products with splendid service, local food is good for you has certainly been proved by the unit over the last 6 years when we have fed in excess of 3 million mouths.