Trewirgie School visit


On 9th January we entertained 90 year 10’s(?) from Trewergie school, having already established a link through one of their teachers- Grace Trevethan, we organised a tour of the unit.

Bruce and I had already been to the school in December and a nicer well behaved bunch of kids (and teachers!) you couldn’t wish to meet. The project which the school has agreed to help us with is to develop and refresh the paediatric menu at the Royal Cornwall Hospital. This is no easy task as the children are being asked to consider how the meal presents on the plate, colour combinations, achieving a healthy balance meal throughout the day, remembering what is on the menu the day before and the day after, and of course they have to think about cost of ingredients.


Everybody at the unit helped as we had to devise a whole host of activities as we could only show two groups of ten around the unit at any one time, thanks to Jeremy from Scorse who gave up his time to help as well.


The kids described the whole visit as “awesome, brilliant”, at least ten of them want to work here when they grow up! They enjoyed walking around the unit the best, closely followed by the food tasting which was “yummy”. However, on a serious note they certainly know their business with regard to how to achieve a well-balanced diet, so as well as cooks there are at least two future nutritionists in the making at Trewergie school!